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ASHRAE Chapters and Homepages

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List of ASHRAE Chapters and Homepages

*Sections of chapters are also listed.

  • A

    Chapter Name: Akron/Canton

    Geographical Location: Akron, OH 
    Chapter Number: 090 
    Region: V 
    Website: https://www.akroncantonashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Alamo

    Geographical Location: San Antonio, TX 
    Chapter Number: 065 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: http://www.alamoashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Alaska

    Geographical Location: Anchorage, AK 
    Chapter Number: 122 
    Region: XI 
    Website: https://ashraealaska.com

    Chapter Name: Alaska - Fairbanks Section

    Geographical Location: Fairbanks, AK 
    Host Chapter: 122 
    Region: XI

    Chapter Name: Alexandria

    Geographical Location: Alexandria, EGY
    Chapter Number: 222 
    Region: Region-At-Large

    Chapter Name: Anthracite

    Geographical Location: Wilkes Barre, PA 
    Chapter Number: 134 
    Region: III 
    Website: https://anthraciteashrae.weebly.com/


    Chapter Name: Argentina

    Geographical Location: Buenos Aires, ARG 
    Chapter Number: 178 
    Region: XII 
    Website: http://argentina.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Argentina - Bolivia Section

    Geographical Location: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
    Host Chapter: 178 
    Region: XII


    Chapter Name: Arkansas

    Geographical Location: Little Rock, AR 
    Chapter Number: 062 
    Region: VIII 
    Website (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/ASHRAEArkansas/


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Bangalore

    Geographical Location: Bangalore, IND 
    Chapter Number: 169 
    Region: RAL
    Website: http://www.ashraebangalore.org/


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Caricom

    Geographical Location: Charlieville, TTO
    Chapter Number: 209
    Region: XII
    Website (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/ashrae209/


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Deccan

    Geographical Location: Hyderabad, IND 
    Chapter Number: 191
    Region: RAL
    Website: www.ashraedeccan.org
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashraedc/


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Deccan – Amaravathi Section

    Geographical Location: Vijayawada, IND 
    Host Chapter: 191 
    Region: RAL


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Falcon

    Geographical Location: Dubai, UAE 
    Chapter Number: 175 
    Region: RAL 
    Website (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/ashraeuae/


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Falcon – Oman Section

    Geographical Location: Muscat, OMN 
    Host Chapter: 175 
    Region: RAL


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Mumbai 

    Geographical Location: Mumbai, IND
    Chapter Number: 188 
    Region: RAL
    Website: http://ashraemumbai.org/ 


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Nigeria 

    Geographical Location: Lagos, NGA 
    Host Chapter: 187 
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://www.ashrae-nigeria.org/


    Chapter Name: ASHRAE Nigeria – Abuja Section

    Geographical Location: Abuja, Nigeria
    Chapter Number: 187 
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://www.ashrae-nigeria.org/abuja-section

    Chapter Name: ASHRAE UK

    Geographical Location: London, UK
    Chapter Number: 223
    Host Chapter: Region XIV 
    Region: XIV


    Chapter Name: Atlanta

    Geographical Location: Atlanta, GA 
    Chapter Number: 032 
    Region: IV 
    Website: http://www.ashraeatlanta.org/


    Chapter Name: Atlanta – Macon Section

    Geographical Location: Macon, GA 
    Host Chapter: 032 
    Region: IV


    Chapter Name: Austin

    Geographical Location: Austin, TX 
    Chapter Number: 066 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: https://austinashrae.starchapter.com/

  • B

    Chapter Name: Bahrain

    Geographical Location: Manama, BHR 
    Chapter Number: 181
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://www.ashraebahrain.org/ 


    Chapter Name: Baltimore

    Geographical Location: Baltimore, MD 
    Chapter Number: 025 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://www.ashrae-balto.org/


    Chapter Name: Bangladesh

    Geographical Location: Dhaka, BGD
    Chapter Number: 197
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://www.bashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Baton Rouge

    Geographical Location: Baton Rouge, LA 
    Chapter Number: 060 
    Region: VII 
    Website: https://ashraebatonrouge.wordpress.com/


    Chapter Name: Big Sky

    Geographical Location: Billings, MT 
    Chapter Number: 131 
    Region: IX
    Website: https://bigskyashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Big Sky – Bozeman Section

    Geographical Location: Bozeman, MT 
    Host Chapter: 131 
    Region: IX
    Website: https://bigskyashrae.org/home/bozeman/


    Chapter Name: Big Sky – Great Falls Section

    Geographical Location: Great Falls, MT 
    Host Chapter: 131 
    Region: IX


    Chapter Name: Birmingham

    Geographical Location: Birmingham, AL 
    Chapter Number: 057 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://www.birminghamashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Bi-State

    Geographical Location: White Plains, NY 
    Chapter Number: 146 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://www.ashraebistate.org/


    Chapter Name: Black Hills Area

    Geographical Location: Rapid City, SD 
    Chapter Number: 127 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://www.blackhillsashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Bluegrass

    Geographical Location: Lexington, KY 
    Chapter Number: 128 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://www.bluegrassashrae.org


    Chapter Name: Boston

    Geographical Location: Boston, MA 
    Chapter Number: 001 
    Region: I 
    Website: https://ashraeboston30.wildapricot.org/


    Chapter Name: Brasil

    Geographical Location: São Paulo, BRA 
    Chapter Number: 172 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://www.ashraebrasil.org/


    Chapter Name: British Columbia

    Geographical Location: Vancouver, BC 
    Chapter Number: 020 
    Region: XI 
    Website: http://www.ashraebc.com/ 


    Chapter Name: British Columbia – Southern Interior Section

    Geographical Location: Kelowna, BC 
    Host Chapter: 020 
    Region: XI

    Chapter Name: Buffalo

    Geographical Location: Buffalo,NY 
    Chapter Number: 012 
    Region: I 
    Website: https://sites.google.com/site/ashraeniagarafrontierchapter/

  • C

    Chapter Name: Cairo

    Geographical Location: Cairo, EGY
    Chapter Number: 161 
    Region: RAL 
    Website: http://ashraecairo.org/


    Chapter Name: CARICOM

    Geographical Location: The Caribbean
    Chapter Number: 209
    Region: Xll


    Chapter Name: Cedar Valley

    Geographical Location: Cedar Rapids, IA 
    Chapter Number: 159 
    Region: VI 
    Website: https://cedarvalley-ashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Central Arizona

    Geographical Location: Phoenix, AZ 
    Chapter Number: 086 
    Region: X 
    Website: https://ashraecentralaz.com/


    Chapter Name: Central Florida

    Geographical Location: Orlando, FL 
    Chapter Number: 094 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://www.ashrae-cfl.org/ 


    Chapter Name: Central Illinois

    Geographical Location: Peoria, IL 
    Chapter Number: 050 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://ciashrae.org


    Chapter Name: Central Indiana

    Geographical Location: Indianapolis, IN 
    Chapter Number: 043 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.indyashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Central New York

    Geographical Location: Syracuse, NY 
    Chapter Number: 010 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://ashraecny.org/


    Chapter Name: Central Oklahoma

    Geographical Location: Oklahoma City, OK 
    Chapter Number: 068 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: http://www.ashraecok.org/


    Chapter Name: Central Pakistan

    Geographical Location: Lahore, PAK 
    Chapter Number: 189 
    Region: RAL 
    Website: http://www.ashrae.org.pk


    Chapter Name: Central Pennsylvania

    Geographical Location: York, PA 
    Chapter Number: 022 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://cenpenn.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Champlain Valley

    Geographical Location: Burlington, VT 
    Chapter Number: 111 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://www.ashraevt.org/


    Chapter Name: Chandigarh

    Geographical Location: Chandigarh, Punjab, IND
    Chapter Number: 217
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/ashrae.chd/

    Chapter Name: Charleston

    Geographical Location: Charleston, SC 
    Chapter Number: 113 
    Region: IV 
    Website: https://charlestonashraechapter.wildapricot.org/


    Chapter Name: Charleston – Myrtle Beach Section

    Geographical Location: Myrtle Beach, SC 
    Host Chapter: 113 
    Region: IV


    Chapter Name: Charleston – Savannah Section

    Geographical Location: Savannah, GA 
    Host Chapter: 113 
    Region: IV


    Chapter Name: Chennai

    Geographical Location: Chennai, IND 
    Chapter Number: 185 
    Region: RAL
    Website: http://www.ashraechennai.in/


    Chapter Name: Chile

    Geographical Location: Santiago, CHL
    Chapter Number: 196
    Region: XII
    Website: https://ashraechile.cl/


    Chapter Name: Cincinnati

    Geographical Location: Cincinnati, OH 
    Chapter Number: 040 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.cincinnatiashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Cleveland

    Geographical Location: Cleveland, OH 
    Chapter Number: 038 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.clevelandashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Colombia

    Geographical Location: Bogota, COL 
    Chapter Number: 190 
    Region: XII 
    Website: http://colombia.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Columbus

    Geographical Location: Columbus, OH 
    Chapter Number: 039 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.ashraecolumbus.org/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASHRAEColumbus/


    Chapter Name: Connecticut

    Geographical Location: Hartford, CT 
    Chapter Number: 004 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://www.ctashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Cyprus

    Geographical Location: Nicosia, CYP
    Chapter Number: 203 
    Region: XIV
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/constantinoszzeniou

  • D

    Chapter Name: Dallas

    Geographical Location: Dallas, TX 
    Chapter Number: 067 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: http://www.dallas-ashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Danube

    Geographical Location: Timisoara, ROU
    Chapter Number: 176 
    Region: XIV
    Website: http://danubeashraechapter.org/


    Chapter Name: Dayton

    Geographical Location: Dayton, OH 
    Chapter Number: 041 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.daytonashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Detroit

    Geographical Location: Detroit, MI 
    Chapter Number: 045 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.detroitashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Dominican Republic Section

    Geographical Location: Santo Domingo, DOM 
    Host Chapter: Region XII 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/ASHRAE.DominicanRepublic/

  • E

    Chapter Name: East India

    Geographical Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, IND
    Chapter Number: 215 
    Region: RAL


    Chapter Name: East Tennessee

    Geographical Location: Knoxville, TN 
    Chapter Number: 099 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://www.etnashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: East Texas

    Geographical Location: Tyler, TX 
    Chapter Number: 091 
    Region: VIII
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/etashrae/


    Chapter Name: Ecuador

    Geographical Location: Ecuador, ECU 
    Chapter Number: 199 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://ashraeecuador.com/


    Chapter Name: El Paso

    Geographical Location: El Paso, TX 
    Chapter Number: 072 
    Region: IX 
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/El-Paso-ASHRAE-168334749853278/


    Chapter Name: Evansville

    Geographical Location: Evansville, IN 
    Chapter Number: 044 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.evansvilleashrae.org/

  • F

    Chapter Name: Faisalabad

    Geographical Location: Faisalabad, PAK
    Chapter Number: 210
    Region: Region-At-Large


    Chapter Name: Florida West Coast

    Geographical Location: Tampa, FL 
    Chapter Number: 035 
    Region: XII 
    Website: http://www.ashrae-fwc.org/


    Chapter Name: Florida West Coast – Costa Rica Section

    Geographical Location: San Jose, CRI 
    Host Chapter: 035 
    Region: XII


    Chapter Name: Florida West Coast – Sarasota-Bradenton Section

    Geographical Location: Sarasota, FL 
    Host Chapter: 035 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://ashraesarasotabradenton.org/


    Chapter Name: Fort Wayne

    Geographical Location: Ft. Wayne, IN 
    Chapter Number: 120 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.fortwayneashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Fort Worth

    Geographical Location: Ft Worth, TX 
    Chapter Number: 070 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: http://www.ashrae-ftw.org/

  • G

    Chapter Name: Ghana

    Geographical Location: Accra, GHA
    Chapter Number: 224
    Region: Region-At-Large

    Chapter Name: Gold Coast

    Geographical Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
    Chapter Number: 104 
    Region: XII
    Website: http://www.ashraegoldcoast.com/


    Chapter Name: Golden Gate

    Geographical Location: San Francisco, CA 
    Chapter Number: 082 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.ggashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Golden Gate – Redwood Empire Section

    Geographical Location: Napa, California 
    Host Chapter: 082 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.reashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Granite State

    Geographical Location: Manchester, NH 
    Chapter Number: 152 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://www.nhashrae.org


    Chapter Name: Greenville

    Geographical Location: Greenville, SC 
    Chapter Number: 097 
    Region: IV 
    Website: http://www.ashrae4greenville.com/


    Chapter Name: Guadalajara

    Geographical Location: Guadalajara, MEX 
    Chapter Number: 173 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/ashrae.guadalajara

  • H

    Chapter Name: Halifax

    Geographical Location: Halifax, NS 
    Chapter Number: 100 
    Region: II 
    Website: https://www.ashraehfx.com/

    Chapter Name: Hamilton

    Geographical Location: Hamilton, ON 
    Chapter Number: 037 
    Region: II 
    Website: http://www.ashraehamilton.org/


    Chapter Name: Hampton Roads

    Geographical Location: Norfolk, VA 
    Chapter Number: 027 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://www.ashraehrc.org/


    Chapter Name: Hawaii

    Geographical Location: Honolulu, HI 
    Chapter Number: 108 
    Region: X 
    Website: https://ashraehawaiichapter.info/


    Chapter Name: Hellenic

    Geographical Location: Athens, GRC 
    Chapter Number: 168 
    Region: XIV 
    Website: www.ashrae.gr


    Chapter Name: Hellenic - North Hellas Section

    Geographical Location: Thessaloniki, GRC
    Host Chapter: 168 
    Region: XIV 

    Chapter Name: Hong Kong

    Geographical Location: Hong Kong, HKG 
    Chapter Number: 143 
    Region: XIII 
    Website: http://www.ashrae.org.hk


    Chapter Name: Houston

    Geographical Location: Houston, TX 
    Chapter Number: 064 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: https://ashraehouston.starchapter.com/

  • I

    Chapter Name: Idaho

    Geographical Location: Boise, ID 
    Chapter Number: 135 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://www.idahoashrae.com


    Chapter Name: Illinois

    Geographical Location: Chicago, IL 
    Chapter Number: 049 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://www.illinoisashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Illinois – Rockford Section

    Geographical Location: Rockford, IL 
    Host Chapter: 049 
    Region: VI


    Chapter Name: India

    Geographical Location: New Delhi, IND
    Chapter Number: 158 
    Region: RAL 
    Website (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/ashraeindia2019/


    Chapter Name: Indonesia

    Geographical Location: Jakarta, IDN
    Chapter Number: 183
    Region: XIII
    Website: http://www.ashrae.or.id


    Chapter Name: Inland Empire

    Geographical Location: Spokane, WA 
    Chapter Number: 078 
    Region: XI 
    Website: http://www.ie-ashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Iowa

    Geographical Location: Des Moines, IA 
    Chapter Number: 051 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://ashraeiowa.org/


    Chapter Name: Ireland

    Geographical Location: Cork, IRL
    Chapter Number: 204 
    Region: XIV
    Website: http://ashrae-ireland.org/


    Chapter Name: Israeli

    Geographical Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
    Chapter Number: 214 
    Region: XIV

  • J

    Chapter Name: Jacksonville

    Geographical Location: Jacksonville, FL 
    Chapter Number: 034 
    Region: XII 
    Website: https://www.ashraejax.com/


    Chapter Name: Japan

    Geographical Location: Tokyo, JPN
    Chapter Number: 194
    Region: XIII
    Website: http://www.ashrae.jp/


    Chapter Name: Johnstown

    Geographical Location: Johnstown, PA 
    Chapter Number: 023 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://johnstown.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Jordan

    Geographical Location: Amman, JOR
    Chapter Number: 212 
    Region: RAL

  • K

    Chapter Name: Kansas City

    Geographical Location: Kansas City, MO 
    Chapter Number: 053 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://kcashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Kuwait

    Geographical Location: Kuwait City, KWT 
    Chapter Number: 164 
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://twitter.com/ashrae_ksb

  • L

    Chapter Name: La Crosse Area

    Geographical Location: La Crosse, WI 
    Chapter Number: 115 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://www.ashraelacrosse.org/


    Chapter Name: Lebanese

    Geographical Location: Beirut, LBN
    Chapter Number: 162 
    Region: RAL
    Website: http://lebanese.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Lehigh Valley

    Geographical Location: Allentown, PA 
    Chapter Number: 098 
    Region: III 
    Website: https://www.lvashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: London

    Geographical Location: London, ON 
    Chapter Number: 116 
    Region: II 
    Website: http://londoncanada.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Long Island

    Geographical Location: Garden City, NY 
    Chapter Number: 006 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://www.ashraeli.com/


    Chapter Name: Louisville

    Geographical Location: Louisville, KY 
    Chapter Number: 055 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://www.louisvilleashrae.com/

  • M

    Chapter Name: Macao

    Geographical Location: Macao, CHN 
    Chapter Number: 095 
    Region: XIII
    Website: https://www.ashraemacao.org/


    Chapter Name: Madison

    Geographical Location: Madison, WI 
    Chapter Number: 095 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://www.ashraemadison.org/


    Chapter Name: Maine

    Geographical Location: Lewiston, ME 
    Chapter Number: 118 
    Region: I 
    Website: https://www.maineashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Malaysia

    Geographical Location: Kuala Lumpur, MYS
    Chapter Number: 149 
    Region: XIII 
    Website: http://www.ashrae.org.my/


    Chapter Name: Malaysia – Kuching Section

    Geographical Location: Kuching, MYS 
    Host Chapter: 149 
    Region: XIII

    Chapter Name: Malaysia – Penang Section

    Geographical Location: Penang, MYS 
    Host Chapter: 149 
    Region: XIII


    Chapter Name: Manitoba

    Geographical Location: Winnipeg, MB 
    Chapter Number: 017 
    Region: XI 
    Website: http://www.ashraemanitoba.ca/


    Chapter Name: Memphis

    Geographical Location: Memphis, TN 
    Chapter Number: 056 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://www.ashraememphis.org/


    Chapter Name: Mexico City

    Geographical Location: Mexico City, MEX 
    Chapter Number: 165 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: http://www.ashraemx.org/


    Chapter Name: Mexico City – Cancun Section

    Geographical Location: Cancun, MEX 
    Host Chapter: 165 
    Region: VIII


    Chapter Name: Mexico City – Queretaro Section

    Geographical Location: Queretaro Arteaga, MEX 
    Host Chapter: 165 
    Region: VIII


    Chapter Name: Miami

    Geographical Location: Miami, FL 
    Chapter Number: 036 
    Region: XII 
    Website: http://www.ashraemiami.com/


    Chapter Name: Minnesota

    Geographical Location: Minneapolis, MN 
    Chapter Number: 052 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://www.mnashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Minnesota – Northern Lights Section

    Geographical Location: Fargo, ND 
    Host Chapter: 052 
    Region: VI 
    Website: https://mnashrae.org/Northern_Lights_Region


    Chapter Name: Minnesota – Rochester Section

    Geographical Location: Rochester, MN 
    Host Chapter: 052 
    Region: VI 
    Website: https://mnashrae.org/Rochester_Region


    Chapter Name: Mississippi

    Geographical Location: Jackson, MS 
    Chapter Number: 061 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://msashrae.org/

    Chapter Name: Mississippi Valley

    Geographical Location: Davenport, IA 
    Chapter Number: 123 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://www.mississippivalleyashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Mobile

    Geographical Location: Mobile, AL 
    Chapter Number: 058 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://mobileashrae.weebly.com/


    Chapter Name: Monterrey

    Geographical Location: Monterrey, MEX 
    Chapter Number: 166 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: http://www.ashraemonterrey.org/


    Chapter Name: Montreal

    Geographical Location: Montreal, PQ 
    Chapter Number: 014 
    Region: II 
    Website: www.ashraemontreal.org

  • N

    Chapter Name: Nashville

    Geographical Location: Nashville, TN 
    Chapter Number: 088 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://www.nashvilleashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: National Capital

    Geographical Location: Washington, DC 
    Chapter Number: 026 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://www.nccashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: NB/PEI

    Geographical Location: Moncton, NB 
    Chapter Number: 117 
    Region: II 
    Website: http://www.ashraenbpei.com/


    Chapter Name: Nebraska

    Geographical Location: Omaha, NE 
    Chapter Number: 075 
    Region: IX
    Website: http://www.neashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Nebraska – Lincoln Section

    Geographical Location: Lincoln, NE 
    Host Chapter: 075 
    Region: IX


    Chapter Name: New Jersey

    Geographical Location: Newark, NJ 
    Chapter Number: 007 
    Region: I 
    Website: https://njashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: New Mexico

    Geographical Location: Albuquerque, NM 
    Chapter Number: 077 
    Region: IX 

    Chapter Name: New Orleans

    Geographical Location: New Orleans, LA 
    Chapter Number: 059 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://www.ashraenola.com/


    Chapter Name: New York City

    Geographical Location: New York, NY 
    Chapter Number: 008 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://ashraeny.org/


    Chapter Name: North Alabama

    Geographical Location: Huntsville, AL 
    Chapter Number: 133 
    Region: VII 
    Website: http://naashrae.snappages.com/


    Chapter Name: North Piedmont

    Geographical Location: Greensboro, NC 
    Chapter Number: 029 
    Region: IV 
    Website: http://www.northpiedmont.org/


    Chapter Name: Northeast

    Geographical Location: Albany, NY 
    Chapter Number: 009 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://www.ashraenortheast.org/


    Chapter Name: Northeast Wisconsin

    Geographical Location: Green Bay, WI 
    Chapter Number: 107 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://www.newiashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Northeastern Oklahoma

    Geographical Location: Tulsa, OK 
    Chapter Number: 069 
    Region: VIII 
    Website: http://www.ashrae-neok.org/


    Chapter Name: Northern Alberta

    Geographical Location: Edmondton, AB 
    Chapter Number: 019 
    Region: XI
    Website: http://www.ashraenac.org/


    Chapter Name: Northern Indiana

    Geographical Location: Elkhart-South Bend, IN 
    Chapter Number: 103 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.noindashrae.com/home


    Chapter Name: Northern Nevada

    Geographical Location: Reno, NV 
    Chapter Number: 126 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.nonevashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Northern Pakistan

    Geographical Location: Islamabad, PAK 
    Chapter Number: 179 
    Region: RAL
    Website: http://www.ashraenpc.org.pk/


    Chapter Name: Northwest Florida

    Geographical Location: Pensacola, FL 
    Chapter Number: 130 
    Region: VII 
    Website: www.ashraenwfl.org


    Chapter Name: Northwest Arkansas

    Geographical Location: Fayetteville, AR 
    Chapter Number: 208
    Region: VIII
    Website: https://ashrae-nwa.org/

  • O

    Chapter Name: Orange Empire

    Geographical Location: Anaheim, CA 
    Chapter Number: 105 
    Region: X
    Website: https://orangeempirearise.weebly.com/


    Chapter Name: Oregon

    Geographical Location: Portland, OR 
    Chapter Number: 080 
    Region: XI
    Website: https://www.orashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Oregon – Willamette Section

    Geographical Location: Willamette, OR 
    Host Chapter: 080 
    Region: XI


    Chapter Name: Ottawa Valley

    Geographical Location: Ottawa, ON 
    Chapter Number: 015 
    Region: II 
    Website: http://www.ashrae.ottawa.on.ca/


    Chapter Name: Ozarks

    Geographical Location: Springfield, MO 
    Chapter Number: 150 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://www.ozarksashrae.org/

  • P

    Chapter Name: Pakistan

    Geographical Location: Karachi, PAK 
    Chapter Number: 174 
    Region: RAL 
    Website: https://ashraepakistan.com/


    Chapter Name: Panama Section

    Geographical Location: Panama, PAN 
    Host Chapter: Region XII 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/ashraepanama/


    Chapter Name: Paraguay

    Geographical Location: Asuncion, PRY
    Chapter Number: 202 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/ashraeparaguay/


    Chapter Name: Peru

    Geographical Location: Lima, PER 
    Chapter Number: 220 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://ashraeperu.com/


    Chapter Name: Philadelphia

    Geographical Location: Philadelphia, PA 
    Chapter Number: 021 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://ashraephilly.org/index.php


    Chapter Name: Philippines

    Geographical Location: Manila, PHL 
    Chapter Number: 167 
    Region: XIII
    Website: http://www.ashraeph.org/


    Chapter Name: Philippines – Guam Section

    Geographical Location: Tamuning, GUM 
    Host Chapter: 167 
    Region: XIII


    Chapter Name: Pikes Peak

    Geographical Location: Colorado Springs, CO 
    Chapter Number: 148 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://www.pikespeakashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Pittsburgh

    Geographical Location: Pittsburgh, PA 
    Chapter Number: 024 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://ashraepittsburgh.org/


    Chapter Name: Portugal

    Geographical Location: Lisbon, PRT 
    Chapter Number: 177 
    Region: XIV
    Website: http://www.ashrae-portugal.org/pt/


    Chapter Name: Puerto Rico

    Geographical Location: San Juan, PRI 
    Chapter Number: 110 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/ASHRAEPuertoRico/


    Chapter Name: Puget Sound

    Geographical Location: Seattle, WA 
    Chapter Number: 079 
    Region: XI 
    Website: http://www.pugetsoundashrae.org


    Chapter Name: Pune 

    Geographical location: Pune, IND
    Chapter number: 186
    Region: RAL
    Website (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/ashraepune/


    Chapter Name: Pyramids

    Geographical location:Giza, EGY
    Chapter number: 211
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://ashraepyramids.org/

  • Q

    Chapter Name: Qatar Oryx

    Geographical location: Doha, QAT
    Chapter number: 184
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://ashraeqatar.org/index.html


    Chapter Name: Quebec

    Geographical Location: La Ville de Quebec, PQ 
    Chapter Number: 013 
    Region: II 
    Website: http://www.ashraequebec.org/

  • R

    Chapter Name: Rajasthan

    Geographical Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, IND
    Chapter Number: 216
    Region: RAL
    Website: http://rajasthan.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Regina

    Geographical Location: Regina, SK 
    Chapter Number: 096 
    Region: XI
    Website: http://regina.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Rhode Island

    Geographical Location: Providence, RI 
    Chapter Number: 003 
    Region: I
    Website: https://www.ri-ashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Richmond

    Geographical Location: Richmond, VA 
    Chapter Number: 028 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://richmond.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Roanoke

    Geographical Location: Roanoke, VA 
    Chapter Number: 125 
    Region: III 
    Website: http://ashraeroanoke.org/


    Chapter Name: Roanoke – Shenandoah Section

    Geographical Location: Shenandoah, VA 
    Host Chapter: 125 
    Region: III


    Chapter Name: Rochester

    Geographical Location: Rochester, NY 
    Chapter Number: 011 
    Region: I 
    Website: https://rochesterashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Rocky Mountain

    Geographical Location: Denver, CO 
    Chapter Number: 073 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://www.rockymtnashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Rocky Mountain – Northern Section

    Geographical Location: Fort Collins, CO 
    Host Chapter: 073 
    Region: IX

  • S

    Chapter Name: Sacramento Valley

    Geographical Location: Sacramento, CA 
    Chapter Number: 081 
    Region: X 
    Website: https://www.sacvalleyashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: San Diego

    Geographical Location: San Diego, CA 
    Chapter Number: 085 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.ashraesd.org/


    Chapter Name: San Joaquin

    Geographical Location: Fresno, CA 
    Chapter Number: 083 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.sjvashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: San Jose

    Geographical Location: San Jose, CA 
    Chapter Number: 101 
    Region: X 
    Website: https://sanjoseashrae.wildapricot.org/


    Chapter Name: Saskatoon

    Geographical Location: Saskatoon, SK 
    Chapter Number: 102 
    Region: XI 
    Website: http://saskatoon.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Saudi Arabia

    Geographical Location: Dhahran, SAU
    Chapter Number: 160 
    Region: RAL


    Chapter Name: Scotland Section

    Geographical Location: Glasgow, SCO 
    Host Chapter: Region XIV 
    Region: XIV
    Website (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/AshraeScotlandsection/


    Chapter Name: Sierra Delta

    Geographical Location: Stockton, CA 
    Chapter Number: 144 
    Region: X
    Website: http://sierra-delta.ashraechapters.org/


    Chapter Name: Singapore

    Geographical Location: Singapore, SGP 
    Chapter Number: 142 
    Region: XIII 
    Website: http://www.ashrae.org.sg


    Chapter Name: Singapore - Myanmar Section

    Geographical Location: Yangon, Myanmar
    Host Chapter: 142 
    Region: XIII
    Website: https://ashrae.org.sg/history-myanmar.php


    Chapter Name: South Africa

    Geographical Location: Johannesburg, ZAF 
    Chapter Number: 207 
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://ashraesa.org/


    Chapter Name: South Brazil

    Geographical Location: Curitiba, PR, Brazil
    Chapter Number: 213 
    Region: XII
    Website: https://www.ashraesouthbrazil.org/


    Chapter Name: South Carolina

    Geographical Location: Columbia, SC 
    Chapter Number: 031 
    Region: IV 


    Chapter Name: South Dakota

    Geographical Location: Sioux Falls, SD 
    Chapter Number: 093 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://www.sdashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: South Korea

    Geographical Location: Seoul, KOR 
    Chapter Number: 195
    Region: XIII
    Website: http://www.ashrae.or.kr


    Chapter Name: South Texas

    Geographical Location: Corpus Christi, TX 
    Chapter Number: 154 
    Region: VIII
    Website: https://ashraesouthtexas.wordpress.com/


    Chapter Name: South Texas – Rio Grande Valley Section

    Geographical Location: McAllen, TX 
    Host Chapter: 154 
    Region: VIII


    Chapter Name: Southern Alberta

    Geographical Location: Calgary, AB 
    Chapter Number: 018 
    Region: XI 
    Website: http://www.sac-ashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Southern California

    Geographical Location: Los Angeles, CA 
    Chapter Number: 084 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.ashrae-socal.org/


    Chapter Name: Southern California – Western Section

    Geographical Location: Santa Barbara, CA 
    Host Chapter: 084 
    Region: X


    Chapter Name: Southern Nevada

    Geographical Location: Las Vegas, NV 
    Chapter Number: 092 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.ashraesn.com/


    Chapter Name: Southern Piedmont

    Geographical Location: Charlotte, NC 
    Chapter Number: 030 
    Region: IV 
    Website: http://www.spashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Southern Piedmont – Hickory Section

    Geographical Location: Hickory, NC 
    Host Chapter: 030 
    Region: IV


    Chapter Name: Southwest Florida

    Geographical Location: Ft. Myers, FL 
    Chapter Number: 139 
    Region: XII 
    Website: http://www.swflashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Spacecoast Section

    Geographical Location: Cocoa Beach, FL 
    Chapter Number: 109 
    Region: XII 
    Website: http://www.spacecoastashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Spain

    Geographical Location: Madrid, ESP 
    Chapter Number: 182 
    Region: XIV 
    Website: http://spain-ashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Sri Lankan

    Geographical Location: Colombo, LKA 
    Chapter Number: 171 
    Region: RAL 
    Website: https://ashraesl.org/


    Chapter Name: St. Louis

    Geographical Location: St. Louis, MO 
    Chapter Number: 054 
    Region: VI 
    Website: http://ashrae-stl.org/


    Chapter Name: Sudan

    Geographical Location: Khartoum, SDN 
    Chapter Number: 221 
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/sdnoffic/

  • T

    Chapter Name: Taiwan

    Geographical Location: Taipei, TWN 
    Chapter Number: 157 
    Region: XIII 
    Website: http://www.ashrae.org.tw/


    Chapter Name: Tennessee Valley

    Geographical Location: Chattanooga, TN 
    Chapter Number: 114 
    Region: VII 
    Website: https://www.ashraetnvalley.org/


    Chapter Name: Thailand

    Geographical Location: Bangkok, THA 
    Chapter Number: 170 
    Region: XIII 
    Website: http://www.ashraethailand.org/index.php


    Chapter Name: Toledo

    Geographical Location: Toledo, OH 
    Chapter Number: 042 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://ashraetoledo.org/


    Chapter Name: Toronto

    Geographical Location: Toronto, ON 
    Chapter Number: 016 
    Region: II 
    Website: http://www.torontoashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Triangle

    Geographical Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC 
    Chapter Number: 106 
    Region: IV 
    Website: http://www.triangleashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Tri-County

    Geographical Location: Redlands, CA 
    Chapter Number: 155 
    Region: X
    Website: https://tcashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Tucson

    Geographical Location: Tuscon, AZ 
    Chapter Number: 087 
    Region: X 
    Website: http://www.ashraetucson.org/


    Chapter Name: Turkish

    Geographical Location: Istanbul, TUR
    Chapter Number: 193
    Region: RAL
    Website: https://ashrae.org.tr/


    Chapter Name: Twin Tiers

    Geographical Location: Owego, NY 
    Chapter Number: 129 
    Region: I 
    Website: http://twintiers.ashraechapters.org/

  • U

    Chapter Name: UK 

    Geographical Location: UK 
    Chapter Number: 223
    Host Chapter: Region XIV 
    Region: XIV
    Website: https://www.ashrae.uk/


    Chapter Name: UK Northern Section

    Geographical Location: Northern UK 
    Host Chapter: Region XIV 
    Region: XIV


    Chapter Name: Utah

    Geographical Location: Salt Lake City, UT 
    Chapter Number: 074 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://www.utahashrae.org/

  • V

    Chapter Name: Vancouver Island

    Geographical Location: Victoria, BC 
    Chapter Number: 145 
    Region: XI 
    Website: https://ashraevi.ca/

  • W

    Chapter Name: West Texas

    Geographical Location: Lubbock, TX 
    Chapter Number: 071 
    Region: VIII
    Website: https://westtexasashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: West Virginia

    Geographical Location: Charleston, WV
    Chapter No: 192
    Region: VII
    Website: http://www.wvashrae.org/


    Chapter Name: Western India

    Geographical Location: Ahmedabad, IND 
    Chapter Number: 163 
    Region: RAL
    Website: http://ashraewic.org/


    Chapter Name: Western Michigan

    Geographical Location: Grand Rapids, MI 
    Chapter Number: 047 
    Region: V 
    Website: http://www.ashraewestmi.org/


    Chapter Name: Western Michigan – Northern Section

    Geographical Location: Traverse City, MI 
    Host Chapter: 047 
    Region: V


    Chapter Name: Wichita

    Geographical Location: Wichita, KS 
    Chapter Number: 076 
    Region: IX 
    Website: http://ashrae-wichita.org/index.php?bypassCookie=1


    Chapter Name: Windsor

    Geographical Location: Windsor, ON 
    Chapter Number: 141 
    Region: II 
    Website: http://windsorashrae.com/


    Chapter Name: Wisconsin

    Geographical Location: Milwaukee, WI 
    Chapter Number: 048 
    Region: VI