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Upgrade from Student to Associate

SmartStart Program


SmartStart is a 3 year program that allows Student members to transfer to Associate grade membership at a rate that is recent-graduate friendly. Student members who are graduating soon or have recently graduated should complete the SmartStart form to participate.

Upgrade from Associate to Full Member

Associate grade members who have obtained at least 12 years of qualifying experience may advance to Full Member grade. Experience can include a combination of education, work, and professional licensure.

To advance to Full Member grade, update your ASHRAE bio to include your education, work and professional licensure in your profile. Once complete, email that you wish to be considered for grade advancement.

If you would like detailed information on what experience qualifies for advancement, please see Section 2.7 of the ASHRAE Bylaws.

Upgrade to Life Member

No action is required – Life Membership is automatically calculated based on the requirements listed below. To become a Life Member, an individual must have:

  • Reached the age of 65 years
  • Paid cumulative dues for at least 30 years

Detailed information for ASHRAE Member Grades