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"The training was very useful as a lot of important topics were discussed like heat load calculation which is a major component for any design."

"Extremely helpful for all design and sales engineers. Good investment of time and resources.” 

“This training is really a good opportunity for those entering into the HVAC industry. Because in the University many equations and topics are discussed but this training shows the sequence of activities related to the design of the HVAC system.”

"It was good, especially as non-HVAC Engineers. As I work for MEP consultant, it is a good thing to know all the basic and fundamental for HVAC. The class introduced me to all trivial components in HVAC systems. The instructor provided all the participants with good and easy to use material."

“Meaningful to all owner, landlord, and facilities Eng. /Mgr. to attend the training to understand detail of HVAC design and selection of the equipment to a particular building or existing building.”

“This training course is very interesting. It helps me to understand a whole picture of HVAC designing by all kinds of different cases. The instructors are very experienced in this field. It’s worthy joining the training.”

“This training has broadening my knowledge on HVAC&R design and applications. I have better understanding of the use of fundamentals & psychrometric in design, operation, maintenance and applications."

“The course wraps most concepts and applications of the HVAC industry in a brief yet reasonably detailed way. It provides a better view of the different aspects of the industry for the recently graduated students.”

“One of the most effective training programs I have attended with the presence of the academic experience and field experience in the same training covering the topic end-to-end. The examples from regional case studies added value to the whole understanding of the topic.”

"It was a great experience. I think it will help me a lot in future projects.”

“The course helped me to understand deeply the concept of designs and application. It was worth the wait.”

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Scheduled Global Training Center Courses

Training tailored to participants from the Middle East, Africa and Parts of Asia.


Course Length

Course Dates


Commissioning Process in New & Existing Buildings (MENA)

Two-Part Course
6 - Hours Part I: 20 Sep 2023
Part II: 21 Sep 2023

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Air-to-Air Heat Recovery Fundamentals & Applications (MENA)

Two-Part Course

6 - Hours Part I: 27 Sep 2023
Part II: 28 Sep 2023


Commercial Building Energy Audits (MENA)

Two-Part Course
6 - Hours Part I: 23 Oct 2023
Part II: 24 Oct 2023
Humidity Control I: Tips and traps (MENA) 3 - Hours 26 Oct 2023 Online
Humidity Control II: Real-World Problems & Solutions 3 - Hours 30 Oct 2023 Online

HVAC Design Training Series


Course Length

Course Dates


HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials (MENA) 18 - Hours 20-22 Nov 2023 Dubai, UAE
HVAC Design: Level II – Applications (MENA) 12- Hours 23-24 Nov 2023 Dubai, UAE

Free Webinar

UNIDO/K-CEP Webinar: Understanding Net Benefits and Cost for Different Energy Efficient Refrigeration Design Options


Omar Abdelaziz, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE

Karim Amrane, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE

Walid Chakroun, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASHRAE

Hesham Safwat, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE

Harshal Surange, Member ASHRAE

Samir Traboulsi, Ph.D., P.Eng., Fellow Life Member ASHRAE

Hassan Younes, Member ASHRAE


The ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) provides instructor-led training through a wide range of professional development seminars and short courses. ALI training provides high-quality, authoritative and credible technical information, with all content developed through a peer-review process. ALI instructors are ASHRAE Members, college or university faculty, and/or full-time professional engineers.

Get In-Depth, Practical Knowledge to Succeed

ASHRAE established the Global Training Center for Building Excellence to create and deliver regularly scheduled high-quality curricula based training that is conveniently available and relevant to the needs of practitioners in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). Located in Dubai, UAE, the center is the first ASHRAE training center established outside of Society Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Trainings offered in the center are customized and scalable, accounting for climate, culture, suppliers, energy sources, prices, codes and construction practices for the MENA region. The center’s instructors are practicing engineers familiar with HVAC&R complexities of the Middle East.