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The ASHRAE Handbook is published in a series of four volumes, one of which is revised each year, ensuring that no volume is older than four years. Each volume is available in I-P (Inch-Pound) or SI (System International) units of measurement. Contact Handbook Editor Heather Kennedy via e-mail at

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Handbook Corrections

pdf_icon.png General Handbook Corrections - I-P Edition

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Handbook Series Content

pdf_icon.png Composite Index to entire Handbook Series (Updated August 1, 2018)

2024 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Systems and Equipment

Description of the 2024 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Systems and Equipment

Table of Contents 2024 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Systems and Equipment

2023 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications

Description of the 2023 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications

Table of Contents 2023 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications

2022 ASHRAE Handbook—Refrigeration

Description of the 2022 ASHRAE Handbook—Refrigeration

Table of Contents 2022 ASHRAE Handbook—Refrigeration

2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals

Description of the 2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals

Table of Contents 2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals

Handbook History

A Brief History of the ASHRAE Handbook

Translations of ASHRAE Handbook and ASHRAE Standards

ASHRAE supports the use of ASHRAE Standards and ASHRAE Handbook internationally. Procedures and policies are in place to promote such uses while protecting ASHRAE's intellectual property and technical credibility. Agreements vary depending on source of requests (ASHRAE chapters, Associate Societies, commercial publishers or other commercial firms, government, standards bodies, other associations, and educational institutions). ASHRAE also considers requests for translation of other ASHRAE books, articles, and papers. To request a translation agreement, contact Mark Owen, Publisher/Director of Publications & Education, at

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