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Public Review Draft Standards / Online Comment Database

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Public Review Draft Standards / Online Comment Database

Public Review Draft Standards

Access the online comment database either to review documents currently posted for public review and comment or to respond or reply to comments from previous public reviews.

The online comment database has been updated to provide more functionality. New key functions include:

  1. Single sign-on option – sign in your ASHRAE account and no further sign-ins required.
  2. A dashboard that highlights activities that require action by the user.
  3. Easier ability to sort
  4. Project Committees ability to issue and respond to ballots.
  5. Project Committees ability to assign designees to send committee responses and ballots
  6. Electronic submissions of continuous maintenance proposals.

Sign up for the Standards Actions list serve for announcements of open public reviews.


pdf_icon.png Instructions for the Online Database – General Instructions

pdf_icon.png Instructions for Project Committee Chairs/Designees – How to issue ballots

The ASHRAE public review process is designed to allow anyone to comment on

  • a standard that is being proposed, revised, or reaffirmed;
  • a guideline that is being proposed, revised, or reaffirmed;
  • a proposed addendum to a standard or guideline; or
  • a proposed title, purpose, and scope for a standard or guideline that is being developed.

The project committee for the standard or guideline will respond to each comment unless it decides to submit a revised draft for another full public review. When public review drafts are available, they will be listed in the online comment database at the link below. Each descriptive link allows you to view and download a copy of the public review draft in PDF format.

NOTE: A login is required to comment on a public review draft currently posted and/or to access those comments submitted on previous public review drafts no longer available for review and comment. Please login with your existing ASHRAE/ASHRAE Member login or if you do not have an ASHRAE account you can create a new login. Now only single sign-ons are required.

  • Project Committee members must use their ASHRAE Member login in order to access the public review comments and to draft responses to those comments for which their project committee is cognizant.
  • Commenters will need to use their login to access the online system to view their comments and reply to project committee responses to those comments.

ANSI Online

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ASHRAE currently schedules its public review periods in accordance with the ANSI Standards Action Publication Schedule. Public reviews are now announced every week. The “SA Publish Date (Friday)” referenced on the ANSI Standards Action Publications Schedule indicates the beginning of the public review period. Interested parties can register for a free e-mail notification service being offered for ANSI’s members and for the readers of ANSI Standards Action. Registered users will be notified via e-mail when new issues of ANSI Standards Action are posted to ANSI Online. Simply register your name and e-mail address at the ANSI Online website. Contact information will remain confidential and users may unsubscribe from the distribution list at any time.

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